Everybody has a story to tell.

But sometimes the story is so complex, it's difficult to determine where to begin. Whether your business is highly technical, your issues are difficult to translate, you are faced with a controversy, or you simply need a fresh, forward-thinking communications strategy—our experienced team will help you break through those barriers and allow your messages to shine.

Peacock Sinning was founded on the principle that technical industries and progressive topics deserve clear communications strategy that connects with readers, viewers and listeners to help break down the barriers and allow their stories to be heard.

We chose to focus on industries and issues that bring changes that will improve our society. We love telling stories about new buildings, roads, energy and water/wastewater infrastructure that help move our society forward.

In short, we are progress junkies. And a little bit geeky.

Deconstruct an EIR? No problem! And the latest widget, policy update or complex business transaction? We’re on it! The geeky stuff doesn’t scare us.

We bring endless enthusiasm to learning about new ideas and technologies. You can count on us to dive deep into your industry to truly understand your issues and audiences.

Technical doesn't have to mean boring. Let us help you tell your story, connect with your audience, and give a boost to your brand.